This past weekend the White Isle has brought upon us the commencement of the long awaited season. A season of luxury laid-back momentos for some and of stress and long working hours for others.

It consisted of the IMS Grand Finale, followed by both Ushuaia and Space Openings one after the other, and then there's DC10 today for those who are really on it. Rewind to the Friday with Solomun, Pacha's new resident DJ, and Sven Väth both raised in Germany. This summit being my fourth attendance, I was once again perplexed by the set up, atmosphere and vibrations. Particulary while standing directly infront of the bass, where I witnessed the many faces and movements of the party go-ers relishing the moment. 

Photos taken by Sydahl for The Shop Ibiza

Much more Ibiza news, music and fashion related everything to come.

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