It's Riz

Third performance from the energetic and dripping Jordan, Harley and their live band at the Hotel once again dawned on us accompanied by Amplify Dot, London's newcomer who reminded me of a new and improved Lady Sovereign. No offence should be taken, Lady Sov used to be my idol - behind Missy Elliot obviously. Amplify Dot looked up to date on the co-ordinated fashion front in double camo and some fresh glasses and definitely got the crowd 'going', more than I've seen a support do before. It isn't the usual to see everyone obey the commands of 'GETting DOWN' (literally onto the floor) from the up amd coming artists, but Amplify Dot proved us wrong. Rizzle Kicks were lively as always and this year I've come to notice Harleys' slight change in style as he's gone for the more indie look in his docs and skin tight jeans to give him and his hermano some contrast. I recall them both rocking the hundreds with rolled sleeves and max 1 type steelo a couple years back. Yet performance-wise they've only got better, they've been touring Stereo Typical for time now so it's not a surprise in improvement. I really do appreciate the ambient of the band as a whole though, the 3-dimentional feeling that is more than your L and R earphone deadpanned speakers.

Song of the night: Rizzle Kicks - That's Classic

Photos taken by Sydahl

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