Jake & Co.

First Ibiza Rocks Wednesday gig rocked as expected after a tense build-up. Jake Bugg and his team as main act and Findlay, a new up and coming band of which I'm extremely happy to have encountered, both played to the crowded but new panorama of the venue. I loved the presence of Natalie (Findlay's vocalist) the sounds she produced, her gestures and her cute little hair scrunchie type thing - Little Jake's set was a mix of mellow intervals and a lot of jumpy riffs. It seemed a lot of people were unsure of how to 'move' to the music they just swayed or jittered on one spot... as this night differs a lot from all the party people's dance club nights. A positive difference, as Ibiza Rocks brought live music to the Isla Blanca and what a success it has been and still, continues to be.

 Song of the night: Findlay - Off & On

Photos taken by Sydahl

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