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Palma (V)iolets and The (V)accines took on the Ibiza Rocks stage, for the supports debut perfomance on it and you could say the main acts debut also because of it's new position. A position which is more practical for the crowd and artistes entourage, yet a disadvantage for the press and V.I.People. I was surprised by the gaps in the pit, but this didn't effect the others who were fully on it especially one woman in particular who was bawling out all of the lyrics. Both the indie rock-iness of the artists really bought me back to the old times with The Editors and The Mystery Jets at Bar M, now Ibiza Rocks Diner which I actually had dinner at the other day - which I highly recommend (especially   the  salmon burger and cheesecake.) Something I noticed while Palma Violets were playing was  Freddie Cowan of The Vaccines strumming along in the dark on the side as if visible with all the expected movements, cute I thought.
 Song of the night: Palma Violets - We Found Love

Photos taken by Sydahl

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