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My presentation to a new found love was revealed this week when The Other Tribe supported Bastille, a band I have been listening to for a while now thanks to XFM's daily repetition of their poppy, synthy, indie tunes. The support's set reminded me of Disclosure at W.A.R. last year, but better (which is a lot coming from me, seeing as I'm a complete Disclosure fanatic) The music felt like dance music being created in the moment with quirky vocals to accompany the other four members. I especially liked their tribal makeup which they had painted on themselves backstage which gave them a  not-so professionally made up tribe-esque image. The night gave a great example of the favouring of the good looking lead singer in a band, Dan walked to the wall to the left of the stage where I happened to be standing and everyone shifted as if he were a magnet leaving me to be crushed between barrier corner and sweaty crowd.

Song of the night: The Other Tribe - Skirts

Photos taken by Sydahl

On Friday, I decided to attend my second We Are Rockstars of the season expecting something to excite me as much as TNGHT had before, with their incredible lighting and on-going trap which I thought people would be more into this summer. I genuinely thought Dubstep would be far gone but Mistajam was still on it along with 'Hot Right Now' and the one and only 'Niggas in Paris'. Yet, it wasn't all that bad seeing as my friend and I found ourselves placed behind a group of guys with the most ludicrous dance moves and miniature mosh-pits which we later found out were (apparently) part of Team GBs Curling team. Sadly, I didn't capture any moments of the night on camera so your imagination will have to do.

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