Indie-y Eye

What an incredibley indie, Ibiza Rocks 8th Birthday that was! Beady Eye, Zane Lowe and Temples. I only saw Temples' last 3 songs but all three were enjoyed with the lead's John Lennon-y voice. The band gave an past era sensation in present day, not only the music but their looks and haircuts. Zane, Rocks' Music Director, took the decks afterwards and gave the crowd a hit of dubstep/drum&bass/trap interval, changing up the mood. After feeling the heat under Temples skinny jeans and long sleeved shirts, Liam took to the stage wearing a coat?! And didn't take it off during the whole gig along with another one of the members in a zipped up leather jacket. They were all looking very 'cool', not showing a lot of emotion. Shades on, head straight. But although the paparazzis chased him on all Liam's travels to see him and his usual bad attitude they were taken aback as I have been informed that he's a chilled guy and has just been maxing out. 

Each week all I've been updating y'all on is Ibiza Rocks, which is a big part of my summer but there is a lot more to it so be ready for a new something or few.

 Song of the night: Morning Glory - Oasis

Photos taken by Sydahl

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