Sunday at Beni

After a sweltering hot day, hopping from airplane to metro to taxi to train I had arrived at the little village outside of Valencia, Benicassim, on my last minute decision to attend the yearly festival (FIB) for the first time. And my first festival believe it or not! Oh the glory of  being trampled on by the stampede following 'Mr. Brightside', not having to wash your hands or use toilet paper and last but certainly not least having someone vomit on your shoes while (mid) enjoying yourself. 

On arrival, I watched Palma Violets just finishing their set on the main stage where many attempted to crowd surf leading to harassment from security and also where Chilli was being harassed by the crowd. AlunaGeorge's slot seemed to be cancelled but when heading to watch Azealia Banks later on, after her cancelling her gig at Ibiza Rocks last summer, I was let down once again because AlunaGeorge was to come on to replace her. The duo performed a great futuristic synth-y pop set which I'm looking forward to later on this season with London Grammar. I do have a soft spot for Jake Bugg but every time we exchange a gaze I always remember he was supposedly with Cara Delevingne which then makes pretty much everyone else an invalid, that would also explain why he always looks so glum but nevertheless he always puts on the show with his melancholic solo and accompaniment of his band. The Killers. Killed it incredibly, in the least possible stereotypical yet positive way. Largest audience, loudest sound, most lights I've ever witnessed. The only negative was they played the overplayed 'Human', the tune spanish radio stations love, twice in their set. The lightning bolt shaped LED lighted keyboard stand confused me at first as it looked like Brandon was about to give the crowd a speech. After the fireworks and smoky endings I ran off to watch Chvrches a new up and coming band who remind me a bit of Grimes. Lauren, the vocalist, has a cute fringe and face like Claire herself and also sings in that girlier higher pitched voice. Nonetheless, I'm really into the new trio and can't wait till their debut album releases in September.

Very succesfully experienced trip, under an hour away from the white isle. I will definitely be going back next year for the rougher and dirtier 4 days or more!

Photos taken by Sydahl

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