After missing Pro Green and Mikill Pane, the support which I was eager to see I was glad to be back at the hotel to see another gang of London artists whose music I don't actually listen to but they managed to create a très good and bouncing atmosphere. Especially Tinie Tempah, it was difficult to focus on him because of all his maneuvering around the stage. In contrast to G FrSH, Wiz Kid's replacement ,who had to sit on the side of the stage to recover - perhaps from what, in my opinion, was unnecessary and poor quality 'singing' as an addition to his rapping which wasn't poor at all. His outfit was a shock to me: in all white, gold chain and snapback - this was due to my encounter with him before where he was rocking a african type pattern tee and necklace with Jordan 6 Black Infrareds (on point.) Another massive fashion disaster was Tinie in his fluro green vest and guitarist with his Obey snapback but I'm letting them off for their impressive achievement as I saw Tinie at the same hotel a few years back as a support when he hadn't released an album yet.

Song of the night: Miami 2 Ibiza Ft. Tinie Tempah (Has to be)

Photos taken by Sydahl

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